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Spring edition 2016

Foreword from APB Commissioning and Development Manager

Dear Colleagues,

It is with pleasure we present the third edition of the North Wales Area Planning Board for Substance Misuse newsletter.

It highlights some of the work we, as a team, along with partners have been progressing over the past 6 months period.  It has been a busy period with much positive progress and we very much appreciate your help and support. Wordcloud

Recently we have said goodbye to T/ACC Simon Shaw who retired after 30 years of working within the police force.   I am sure you will agree that Simon has been a leading light for the APB work programme and the wider North Wales Recovery movement.  I would very much like to offer him sincere thanks and best wishes for the future we will indeed miss his leadership but I am sure we can continue his positive work.

The newsletter is a different format this month and we very much hope you look forward to reading it.  Any comments or for future stories to be included, please contact Rhiannon Mair.

Best Wishes


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