North Wales Fatal Drug Poisoning Review Group

Welsh Governments National Core Standards for Substance Misuse require Area Planning Boards to have systems in place to review drug related deaths and near fatal incidents. Reducing drug related death is a significant outcome indicator in Welsh Governments Substance Misuse Strategy – Working Together to Reduce Harm

Guidance was issued by Welsh Government in June 2014 aimed at all stakeholders who have a remit for reducing fatal and non-fatal drug poisoning’s related to substance misuse. The previous North Wales Drug Related Death Group had agreed to halt its meetings until this new guidance was issued.

Current situation

The Review processes commenced in N Wales on the 1st June 2016 with the first reported Drug Related Death (DRD) occurring the same night of the launch. Two further DRD’s have been recorded since the launch.

Communication has been established with other FDPR groups across Wales to determine best practice in conducting the review element of the process. The date for the first N Wales review was postponed as concerns were expressed over the methodology around sharing the information with Review Group members. The first FDP Review in North Wales took place on the 6th October where three fatalities were discussed.

The exact make-up of the Review group is ongoing. The purpose of the review process is to learn lessons from any DRD’s in N Wales and to then implement recommendations that will help to facilitate these and add value to the current partnership arrangements.

Next Steps

To continually assess the membership of the FDP Review Group to ensure the process benefits from having the right individuals within each partnership agency being appropriately represented.

To agree information sharing mechanisms for the Review Group

The Area Planning Board Support Team to continue to take this piece of work forward the project lead for this is Catherine Kelly – Regional Commissioning & Development Officer