Mutual Aid and Festive Cheer

NWRC (North Wales Recovery Communities) continued to offer a range of onsite therapeutic programmes throughout the festive period. Increased exposure to abstinent based recovery has significantly reduced the potential for relapse amongst the overwhelming majority of participants, with 95% maintaining abstinence throughout the notoriously difficult Christmas period. The FSF funded initiative has supported participants to build sobriety and given them both the skills and the strength to not only navigate Christmas but has more importantly given them a community of like minded people to share it with. Celebrations and activities continued throughout with a number of participants able to celebrate Christmas meaningfully for the first time In a number of years. 2016 promises to be an excellent year for all involved.

Christmas Dry Bar

Xmas dry barDecember saw NWRC’s flexible support funding partner AGRO Cymru CIC host North Wales’ first Festive “dry bar”. Funded by Comic Relief and designed to promote abstinence based recovery, AGRO have been able to deliver four similar such events throughout 2015, showcasing a wide variety of top quality home-grown organic produce, alongside live music, film and comedy.

The events have been staffed solely by volunteers from the FSF project and AGRO and have offered individuals the opportunity to gain experience within the catering and hospitality industry.

This is a venture that AGRO and NWRC will pursue into 2016 and hope will eventually provide longer term opportunities for paid employment.


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