In2Change Service

Case Study 1

Andrew*, aged 15 years was referred to in2change by his school. It was felt that his cannabis use was having a detrimental effect on his education as well as other areas of his life.

An in2change worker met with Andrew and explained about the support that in2change can offer. Andrew was keen to engage with this, and wanted to work on his cannabis use.

During Andrew’s sessions topics of peer pressure, motivation and the benefits of reducing cannabis were explored. There was a particular focus on the effects to his physical health, mental health and motivation to change. Anger issues were also explored and triggers relating to these issues were discussed, encouraging the use of varying strategies to deal with this. The young person was given the opportunity of attending diversionary activities, and chose to engage with this.

During his sessions with in2change, following some education around the topic, Andrew recognised that his cannabis use was becoming problematic. Andrew chose to reduce his cannabis use initially which he managed really well, He then went on to completely stop using any substances, which was huge progress for him, having a very positive impact on various areas of his life.

Case Study 2

Rob*, aged 14 self-referred to in2change after attending the info shop with some friends. Rob was very concerned about his cannabis use and wanted support to stop. Rob met with an in2change worker, and they considered the cycle of change, where it was clear he was at the action stage preparing and planning for change. Rob had full insight into his issues and how he could tackle them. During his sessions he looked at education, motivation, relapse prevention and triggers/risk situations, as well as positive futures.

Rob was open to in2change for approximately 18 months and engaged well with all members of the staff team as well as his specified worker. He was able to acknowledge that he had to deal with a number of different issues collectively to achieve the result he wanted. He was open and honest with staff at all times and was able to discuss and vocalise his thoughts and feelings in a very mature way. Rob engaged with various diversionary activities, which he stated he really enjoyed. This gave him the opportunity to meet other young people and take him out of his local area and comfort zone, whilst trying new activities which he may not otherwise have had the chance to do.

Rob was able to hugely reduce the amount of cannabis that he was using, and made a lot of progress in other areas of his life as well. He is still invited on diversionary activities which he intends to attend, which will also provide him with ongoing support from the team.

In2change also worked closely Rob’s mum, providing her with support at difficult times. Mum is also due to start a parenting course (Drug Proof Your Kids) with the team in April/May 2016. When completing evaluation forms with both Rob and his mum, both felt that in2hcange had been helpful, beneficial to the positive progress he had made, not only with his cannabis use, but also within other areas of his life, such as Leisure time and relationships.