Fatal Drug Poisoning Review Group

The Welsh Government requires Area Planning Boards to have systems in place to review drug related deaths across our region. Reducing drug related death is a significant outcome indicator in  Welsh Governments Substance Misuse Strategy – Working Together to Reduce Harm. Their guidance provides clear instruction on the actions needed to be taken and the procedures required which include:

  • Effective implementation across all Health Board areas in Wales of  the existing lessons learned and recommendations relating to fatal  and non-fatal drug poisoning prevention
  • Timely response to fatal drug poisonings at local level, including  information gathering and clarification of circumstances of death.
  • Innovative and effective collaborative working between those with a statutory investigative role and those charged with undertaking case  reviews, establishing lessons learned and recommendations for fatal  and non-fatal drug poisoning prevention.
  • Information and recommendations established at a local level as disseminated to Health Boards (APB) level and National Implementation Board for consideration and national implementation Current situation

Since September 2015 planning and training has been underway to identify the key personnel and processes needed to establish a workable FDPR Group across North Wales. Steps need to be taken to ensure  that all counties across the region were represented and the right agencies and staff included on the review group to ensure outcomes can be reached. Over 40 key staff have been identified which is more than double of any other region across Wales. Recommendations from Public Health Wales, led to meetings with the North Wales Coroners and their officers being approached as an integral  element to the process. Reviews across North Wales will commence primarily as a result of correspondence between the coroner’s officers  and the APB case review coordinator, a process regarded as best  practice. At the time this report was being compiled, the training for those  accessing the review database is continuing. The Area Planning Board Support Team will continue to take this piece  of work forward.


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