Best Practice Forum

The most recent Best Practice Forum was held 14th September 2016 and was again a huge success.

The Forums were launched by the APB during a conference held last year and attended by all front line drug and alcohol staff, managers and stakeholders .

The forums have been operational for over 12 months now and have been facilitated by Guest Speaker Professor Phil Harris. APB funding has ensured that Phil has been able to facilitate each forum up until Dec 2016, when it is envisaged that front line practitioners steer the forums by sharing best practice. It is hoped that the future forums will also hold an element of continued professional development in terms of guest speakers or a training element, with support from the APB.

Over the course of the Forums , Phil has presented on The Spur Triage Assessment which screens CYPs in relation to their substance use and identifies whether the CYP’s substance use is normative, internalised or externalised. This pathway enables CYPs to be placed at the correct Tier of a service and will identify a clearer intervention/care plan. Tier 3 CYPs will go on the be offered the Quartro assessment, a comprehensive assessment to identify the care plan needed for that tailored intervention and address internalised or externalised disorders, and their relation to substance use.

The Forums are very well attended by all front line staff and feedback given during and after the events is always positive. With continued support from the APB, the Forums can go from strength to strength.