Concerted Cross Sector Communications

A communications strategy has been developed setting out ways to engage with key segments of the population, this work is designed to challenge long held assumptions about the acceptability of alcohol and engage not only with the media, but local communities to help spread more responsible messages.

To support the delivery of the communications strategy a piece of qualitative research work has been undertaken to better understand target segments’ attitudes and behaviours towards alcohol. The findings where shared with North Wales stakeholders at an Alcohol summit  held during the summer of 2016.

An insight pack has been developed to help partners and agencies get to know the people they are targeting about alcohol harm to help partners deliver the right messages, to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Public Health Wales (PHW) have been supporting the North Wales Police Enforcement Campaigns by providing health messages and signposting to support services

The Think Safe Drink Safe Campaign is not being rolled out across North Wales but targeting different segments at different times of the year.

Communication tools have been developed and circulated to all partners offering resources; scratch cards/ promotional materials raising the profile of alcohol use.

Communications leads from across North Wales Public sector organisations have been continuing to meet to agree to ways of working, explore organisation level opportunities, set evaluation measures for activity and action annual calendar utilising media relationships and local opportunities.

Three segments have been identified as being the targets for messaging/engagement – chosen due to size of segment and impact they have on public services.  It is the intention to work with these groups to understand the most effective types of messages that can be targeted to change their behaviours in relation to alcohol.

The Christmas Multiagency campaign will be launched on the 14th of November with further activity planned for spring.